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Healthy Holiday Tip #11– Be Secretly Active
So, I’ve already talked about trying to work out more over the holidays to help compensate for all the delicious treats that you’ll be tempted to eat. Then I realized you don’t always have to go to the gym or go running to be more conscious of your physical fitness. You can do simple things in your every day routine to help burn a few extra calories. I’ve mentioned a few things like this before, but I thought this might be a good time for a reminder. Since doing Pure Barre, I’ve been catching myself doing random things to try to help tone my muscles. I’ve been tensing my abs while I wash the dishes and doing weird leg lifts while I study instead of just siting. I know it sounds strange but, sometimes things like that can help. I think I’ll just list a few of my ideas here..

-Hand wash your dishes instead of putting them in the dish washer, it’s a pretty good arm workout and it’s a nice time to clear your head

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator

-Park at the back of the parking lot and walk

-Sit up straight, it uses more of your muscles (especially if you tense your abs)

-Do triceps dips or  some sit ups while you watch TV

-Do calf raises while you read the newspaper

I think you kind of get the drift of what I mean. There are probably a million other things that you could add into your daily routine to help tone your muscles. Try to be creative and come up with small things that will slowly add to your physical activity. Anything you can do at home while you watch TV is always a great idea, maybe lift a couple light weights, or my favorite, hula hoop! Only two more days until Christmas, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.



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