4 Calling Birds and 3 French Hens

I finally let the exhaustion of my test block catch up with me yesterday. I was worn out and had to run all kinds of errands before coming home to Starkville, so I skipped a post. I’ll just give you two tips and a recipe to try, hopefully that will make up for it.

Healthy Holiday Tip #9– Use Small Plates
I think I’ve mentioned this tip before, but I think it can be especially useful around the holidays. Using a smaller plate for your meals and at parties can really help with your portion control. Just so long as you don’t go back for seconds! It is possible to control yourself though, trust me. You can still try all the great food you want, you just put a little less on your plate. Then, when you’ve finished, wait 10-20 minutes before you go back for seconds (if you must). I definitely understand the desire to head back for seconds, but if you use a smaller plate and wait a few extra minutes you’ll go back for that one thing you really want another bite of instead of going back for a little bit more of everything. I use small plates at home for every meal that I eat, and I try to use them as many other places as I can.

Healthy Holiday Tip #10– Fruits and Veggies
I’ve already mentioned trying to eat healthier snacks over the holidays to make up for the extra sweet and savory foods that you’ll undoubtedly encounter, but fruits and veggies in your meals are just as important. The holidays are a big time for tradition, I know I get upset if anyone tries to mess with my holiday routine, especially the meals. When you think about it though, we usually doctor everything up with a little extra butter and a little extra salt, which probably isn’t the best idea. We also tend to eat heavier sides, like mashed potatoes and rich casseroles. I know my family will probably have some of those options, but I might try to sneak in some good ole brussels sprouts or carrots (no salt no butter) to make things just a little better. So, give it a try, keep some of your traditional holiday foods but add in some fruits or vegetables without all the extra junk on them, many people forget how good they can be on their own.

photo-68Roasted Chicken with Apples
Speaking of brussels sprouts and fruit, I just recently made a dinner that has both! I was a little skeptical of combining apples and garlic like the recipe calls for, but as usual, it was delicious. It smelled awesome too! I followed everything in the recipe on this one except I left out the nutmeg (mainly because I just didn’t want to buy it). It sill tasted good to me. The chicken doesn’t have much on it but cooking it on top of the apples gave it enough flavor, I kind of liked the chicken being a little milder. I baked my brussels sprouts this time, just sprinkled them with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and some pepper and put them in with the chicken for about 20 minutes. They were delicious too, I really love brussels sprouts. Anyway, I don’t guess I really have much else to say about that meal, except that you should try it, it was very easy and didn’t take much time to prepare. Click here if you’d like to try it.


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