5 Golden Rings

Healthy Holiday Tip #8– Healthy Snacks
I’ve already mentioned a few similar tips, but healthy snacks are an important part of your diet and daily routine. Most people say it’s good for you to eat three appropriate sized meals with a snack in between every day. It keeps your metabolism going and keeps you from overeating at meal times. The thing about snacking is that it can be hard to stop sometimes. That’s why it’s important to pack a snack in the proper serving size and make it healthy. I try to eat fruit, vegetables or nuts. I’ve recently started eating rice cakes too; they make a good snack when you just want something to eat because they are light and don’t have many calories. The key is to find something that you like, but not something you like so much you’ll eat a whole box at once. It’s also a good idea to be more conscious of this during the holidays to avoid all the unhealthy snacks that pop up at the office Christmas party. Better yet, jump outside the box and make a healthy treat to take to the party. Also, my tests are done and I’m officially on break for two weeks! Not setting an alarm feels awesome. I’ll be trying some new recipes to share soon as well.


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