7 Swans a Swimming

Healthy Holiday Tip #6–Pack a Lunch
With five tests in four days, I feel like I barely have time to shower (you’ll be happy to know that I have been). While you may not be quite as busy as I am this week, packing a lunch is always a good idea. It gives you control over what you eat, so that you can make healthy choices. Luckily Michael picked up some turkey for me at the grocery store since I didn’t have time to go. So, I’ve been having turkey sandwiches for lunch instead of my usual salad. It’s not my ideal lunch, but it’s better than breaking down and making a trip to a fast food place or eating something greasy from the cafeteria. Plus, packing a lunch will save you some money, which means you’ll have extra money to buy christmas presents for all your friends and family. Sorry I didn’t give you a recipe yesterday or today, but I’m a little too busy with school right now. I promise I’ll be posting some more before the holidays are over though.


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