10 Lords a Leaping

Healthy Holiday Tip #3– Make Meals Ahead
Making a few meals and freezing them is a great way to save time in our busy lives, especially around the holidays. I made a couple casseroles and some chili a couple weeks ago and froze them because I knew I would be super busy. I had the chili the other night when Michael was in town. It was so convenient because we just pulled it out and defrosted it in the microwave a few minutes, then heated it on the stove and dinner was done. I’m probably going to heat up one of my casseroles tonight, which will be convenient since I’m spending all day at school studying and I’ve got some kind of cold so I don’t feel much like cooking. Most people have a favorite soup or casserole that they like to make, so just make yours this weekend when you have a few spare moments at home and freeze them. Frozen casseroles also make great Christmas presents, especially if you feel like you need to take something to a party host or maybe a poor medical student.

photo-69Chicken Spectacular and Chili
So, here’s what I made for my make ahead meals, plus the leftovers from my dinner that night. I made one recipe of the casserole, but split it into two smaller pans since I’ll be the only one eating them and I can’t exactly eat an entire casserole alone. As for the chili, I made it when I was making a taco salad for dinner so I split my ground turkey. Half of it went to the chili and half went to the dinner I was making that night. I think I’ve put the recipe for the casserole on one of my previous posts. I’ve tried a couple different chili recipes, but for this one I just used ground turkey, one can of kidney beans, one can of tomatoes, and a chili seasoning packet to make things a little easier. Use a low sodium seasoning packet and canned items to cut down on your salt intake.


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