12 Days of Christmas Tips!

Well, I’ve gone off the blogging grid again. Things have been crazy around here lately. My classmates and I have had one, long, 5 week block of lectures jam packed with microorganisms and the diseases they cause along with all the drugs used to treat them. AND we’ve learned just about anything that can go wrong in the cardiovascular, liver, and gastrointestinal systems, along with most of the drugs used to treat them as well. To say we have a lot to learn for our test block next week would be a massive understatement. But, alas, that’s what we came to medical school for… To learn everything that can go wrong in the body (even if it’s a microorganism that’s snuck its way in) and how to treat it. Despite the fact that I do struggle with the motivation to study at times, I really am grateful to be in the position I’m in. We’ve starting seeing patients and learning more about the physical exam and how to take patient histories. Seeing patients is a great reminder for why I’m doing all this hard work. A couple days ago, my friend, Allison, and I saw some patients and when the doctor told us what they had, we actually knew what it was (even though they were pretty rare diseases). The hard part is just reminding myself why I’m learning this immense amount of information, I like to think I’m getting better at that every day.

On a healthy note, my lovely sister bought me a month of Pure Barre classes for my birthday and Christmas presents. That’s the class I mentioned I really wanted to try once it got cold outside (because I’m a wimp and can’t run when it’s cold). I’ve been taking them for a little more than 3 weeks now, and it’s definitely been an experience. The day after my first class, my entire body was sore; it hurt in places I didn’t even know I had muscles (and I’ve been through gross anatomy). While that part took a little getting used to, I thought it was awesome, I could tell that I was getting a workout. The classes consist of different exercises for your main muscle groups; you basically strike a pose and work different isolated muscles. It’s pretty difficult to explain, so if you’re interested, I’d definitely give it a try. For those of you in the Jackson area, I’m working on getting a private class set up after the new year so some of my med school friends can give it a try. The only drawbacks are that’s it’s kinda pricy and it’s not much of a cardiovascular workout. I love how it’s toned my muscles, but I haven’t been doing much cardiovascular work, and it’s best to tone your muscles and cardiovascular system. I may think about doing a little of both when the new year rolls around.

Now, another lovely person is my friend Allison. She has so kindly nominated me for a blog award. I feel so fancy… She’s so nice. Anyway, it’s a health activist award for the Best in Show: Blog Award from WEGO Health. They recommend that you get your readers to endorse you as a candidate. If you so happen to be interested in that you can find out more information by clicking here. Don’t worry… my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t do it. I’m just happy to know Allison was thinking of me when she saw the nominations.

Okay, last thing. I’m sure all of you have just been lost without my recipes to look forward to each week. Hopefully none of you have starved. As my Christmas gift to you (haha, that’s kind of silly) I’m going to be posting 12 days of recipes and tips for the holiday season to keep you healthy. If I’ve calculated correctly, and it’s likely I haven’t, starting on Thursday I’ll give you a recipe and a healthy holiday tip every day until the day before Christmas. They will be short and sweet since I still have LOTS of studying to do and tests to take, but hopefully they’ll give you a little help during your busy holiday season. In other words, get ready for your Facebook to have lots of updates in your news feed from me.


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