It’s Fall Y’all

I can’t believe that it’s already October. How has the year flown by so fast? Not only did the last summer of my life fly by, but my second year of medical school is quickly catching up with that trend. I wasn’t ready for the Summer to end, I’m usually not, but this year I just really wasn’t looking forward to the cooler weather. Cooler weather makes it difficult to run outside, which is really all I like to do for my exercise. Last fall/winter I got my exercise mainly from doing Just Dance on the Wii. This year, my sister and I are thinking about giving Pure Barre a try. If you’ve never heard of Pure Barre, I’m not sure that I can really tell you what it is. I’ve heard that it’s kind of a mix between yoga and pilates and that it will give you an intense workout. I’ll let you know how that goes when we give it a try. Speaking of updating you on how things are going, I guess I should report back on how my first week on three desserts went. Wwweeellll, technically I had four desserts. I would try to make excuses and say that it was Jackson Restaurant week and two of my desserts were based on voting for the Jackson Free Clinic, which is true, but it’s no excuse for breaking a deal. There are a couple other excuses I could make for my overindulgence on sweets last week, but the only real excuse is that I just got lazy and decided to cheat. Now, what should I do to solve the problem? I can’t decide if I should tack on more running or just take away one of my desserts for this week. Doing both would probably be the best idea, considering I did eat out more than usual last week so that I could vote for Jackson Restaurant Week. I did manage to run three times, which kind of compensates. I’m going to the beach with my family this weekend, so I don’t know how easy it will be to control what I’m eating (I can’t force everyone into my diet plan, as much as I want to, they just won’t let me). I’m hoping the beach will be warm enough to go running every day. Anyway, here are a couple recipes. Hopefully I’ll be trying some good fall weather recipes soon that I can share with you. Hope you’re enjoying the cool (not freezing) weather, pumpkin spice, and fall decorations.

Eggplant and Tomato Gratin
I’ve been wanting to make something with eggplant in it for a while, but haven’t been able to find the right recipe. Well, I think I can say this was definitely a good recipe to try! It was kind of a vegetable lasagna but, without the noodles. The oregano and garlic contributed a really good Italian flavor, especially combined with the parmesan cheese. This one is low on calories too, only 86 per serving. I had it for dinner and was actually plenty full because I’d had a heavy lunch as wasn’t that hungry. I had leftovers with a salad for lunch the next day. I think it made a great light dinner, but would make a great side to baked chicken or fish as well. I’m adding this one to my favorites list and will definitely be making it again. Click here for the recipe.

Feta Stuffed Turkey Burgers
Another something I’ve been wanting to try! I made this one a couple months ago, but wasn’t too impressed by it so I’ve been blogging about the “better turnouts” instead. It’s not that this is a bad recipe, I think it was more “user error” that made this dish slightly sub par. Any time that I’ve tried stuffing something it always ends up squeezing out the side when I cook it and making a mess when I try to eat it. This time, I figured adding a little extra meat would help keep the feta cheese stuffed inside. It definitely helped with that, but my burger was so thick that it took forever to cook all the way through and it ended up getting a little more charred on the outside than I prefer. I used an iron skillet instead of the grill, so I think in that case (at least for me), you want to try to make a thinner burger and cook it on a medium flame, instead of high like I did. This way it cooks a little slower and you can avoid the char on the outside. I think that’s pretty true for anything that you cook in a skillet– lower heat will cook it all the way through without burning the outside. The flavor really wasn’t bad, it just turned out a little overdone and tough. Oh yeah, I opted out on the bun and just had some dijon mustard on the side. I’ve gotten to the point I actually enjoy my burgers more without the bun. Hopefully I’ll try this one again sometime and it will turn out better. Let me know if you have any tips for stuffing things and keeping the stuffing on the inside! Click here for the recipe.

On another note, the MS State Fair started last week. I took a trip with friends tonight, mainly to sample the fried food. I’m embarrassed to say how much I ate, don’t worry, I didn’t go for the donut hamburger or anything too crazy. Just your traditional chicken on a stick, funnel cake, and a few bites of other random things that we shared. My friend, Linley, came up with the idea that I should blog about what you could heat at the fair that was on the healthier side. I don’t know that it’s possible. You could get water… I did notice a few places that had non-fried options, but I’m willing to bet they still aren’t too healthy. Good thing the fair only comes around once a year right?? Enjoy it if you go, but be prepared to feel miserably full afterwards if you eat more than one thing.


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