According to Merriam-Webster a whirlwind is defined as 1. a small rotating windstorm of limited extent; 2. a confused rush; 3. a violent or destructive force or agency. I think I can honestly say my life probably feels like all three of those things right now, and I’m sure many of my classmates feel about the same way. We have a full week of tests coming up, one every day next week, as opposed to last year when we had several tests almost every Monday. I haven’t been able to decide which method of madness I prefer yet, but I can say that I have so much information swimming around in my brain I can hardly think straight. I just hope all that swimming information becomes a synchronized swimming routine by Monday. Aside from class and studying for all my tests, I have other things going on that are just making my life more and more busy. I don’t think I’m exactly complaining about it, because without all the craze and busy schedules, I’d just be bored (and shop and eat too much). Anywho, with this week being jam packed with studying and various meetings and other activities, I’ve decided to tell you a little bit about an event that I luckily got to attend on Monday. It is food related, but sadly, I didn’t cook any of it. Aaaaannnnnddddd it may not be the healthiest thing I’ve ever blogged about, but you gotta treat yourself sometimes, especially when there’s no cost to you. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a short and sweet post next week with some things I’ve actually made recently. I promise I have a whole list of things to share with you, but studying takes priority this week and next.

Eat Jackson’s Chef’s Table

Until last year, I had never won a door prize or raffle ticket drawing in my life. Once medical school started, I was the luckiest person ever. I began winning door prizes left and right and even managed to win $2500 over the summer. Crazy right!? Well, it looks like my luck has slightly rubbed off because one of my good friends, Allison, won two free tickets (from Kats Wine) to an event called Chef’s Table this past weekend. Jake, her boyfriend had to attend night class, so I was lucky enough to take his place. The event was a collaboration between three awesome chefs that prepared a five course meal right in front of our eyes. Eat Jackson, a food centered organization in Jackson, hosted the evening at the Viking Cooking School with specific wine and beer pairings that had been carefully chosen by Kats Wine and Bayou Teche Biere, and seafood supplied by Mississippi Gulf Fresh Seafood. The chefs were Trace Williams, Jeremy Enfinger, and Chris Grant, who came up with a new creation called Cajunshire Cuisine, which is basically a fusion of English and Cajun flavors. I can’t even begin to explain how delicious every single bite was. The three chefs all come from different places, but met through twitter and have worked together on Jamie Oliver’s Throw Down on the Farm, which is part of his Food Revolution Project. The Food Revolution is a really cool project that works to educate elementary age students about the importance of eating healthy. They educate on types of food, cooking, and help them grow their own school gardens. It’s a really awesome program that I hope will make it’s way to Mississippi in the near future. Since I have way too many good things to say about all the dishes that I ate, I think I’ll just post the pictures so you can see how awesome it was. I will say that the Crawfish Cake and the Etoufee Yorkshire tied for my favorite main dish and the trifle and ice cream sandwich were my favorite desserts. The recipes will be posted on the Eat Jackson website (soon hopefully) so you can attempt make your own delicious Cajunshire cuisine. I’ve put links to the sponsors of the event so you can find out more about them, and you can click on the Chef’s Table link to learn more about the chefs and dishes that were involved. That’s all I can give you for now, it’s time to go back to the books!

Course One- Grilled Black and Blue Salad                        Course Two- Swimming Pig

Course Three- Catfish in the Dales                        Course Four- Etoufee Yorkshire







                                      Course Five- Sweet Endings (AKA Bacon Infused Desserts)


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