Too Good to be True!

I’ve had a fairly relaxing Labor Day weekend. I was very tempted to visit Starkville and go to the MSU game, but instead, decided to hang out at home and leisurely work my way through some studying. It may not have been the most exciting weekend of my life, but it was nice to not be stressed out about traveling and not getting stuff done. I got to watch a little football with some friends, watch a couple movies, eat some yummy food, and check a few things off my to-do list. I was also able to get back to running, which was a little strange after running my 5K last week. My knee bothered me for a few days after the race, so I took it easy until Wednesday. Then, hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression Isaac made it’s way through Jackson with only a few showers here and there, but the projected forecasts led me to believe I shouldn’t go running outside. I finally went running Saturday morning with the intention of returning to my walking and running routine. However, I ended up pretty much running the whole way, I didn’t go more than 1.5 miles probably, but I think since I knew I could go a full 3.1, I just couldn’t make myself walk. My whole goal with going back to alternating between walking and running is to alternate between high and low heart rates, something I’ve yet to really research, but choose to believe anyway. Today, Caroline ran with me and we kept up with the alternating routine and it was nice to change things up.  My recipe list from last week is what inspired the title for this post. I ended up with three super simple recipes that were so delicious it’s hard to believe they could be so simple.

Falafel with Avocado Spread
I’ve never really know what a falafel was, but I’ve always wanted to try them since I think thought they were mediterranean in origin and I typically like mediterranean food. They’re technically considered middle eastern, which is close enough for me! According to Wikipedia, they are deep fried balls or patties made of chickpeas, fava beans or both (Hey med school friends! Remember that fava bean disease from biochem???). Anyway, this recipe called for pinto beans and a few other add ins to give some flavor. The parsley and cheese really made them yummy. I’m slowly learning that I’m not exactly the best at cooking patty type foods in a skillet. As you can see in the photo, they didn’t stick together very well. They still tasted good though. I cut the recipe in half to make two falafels, I had one for dinner the night I made them and had the leftover one the next night. The avocado spread that goes with this was really good as well. I like pretty much any kind of guacamole you can make, but this one had a dollop of sour cream in it that really made it extra creamy and gave it a little extra flavor. Click here for the recipe.

Spinach Calzone
So, I was a little excited and a little too hungry when I finished making this recipe and forgot to take a picture before I ate it. Oooops, sorry about that! Most of you have probably seen a calzone before though. This one was really easy because you can use a refrigerated pizza crust (I chose a thin crust one) and frozen spinach. The rest of the ingredients are different cheeses, which may not be the most healthy thing you can eat, but they aren’t so bad if you use fat free for all of them. Plus, there was no meat in the recipe, so you gotta get a little protein from somewhere. If you make the full recipe and use a whole pizza crust, this thing comes out to be huge! Luckily, I had Caroline and her boyfriend, Patrick, over for dinner so they could help me out, otherwise, I would have been eating it for a week. We only ate half of the whole thing, so it easily serves six people; great for a quick family dinner or a small dinner party. The recipe calls for a marinara sauce to pour over the top of each serving, but I decided to use pesto because I already had some in the fridge. When I ate it as leftovers, I left the sauce out and it was just as good without it. Next time you’re in the mood for a pizza type dinner, try this out. You could easily add meat or other veggies if you wanted to and really make it your own creation. Click here for the recipe.

Roasted Cod
I know you’re all probably tired of hearing me yap on and on about all the different times I make cod, but it’s just so easy for me to keep in the freezer and make whenever I’m in the mood for fish. This recipe is probably my favorite cod recipe I’ve made so far. AND, it’s definitely one of the easiest. All you have to do it put your fish in the pan, add white wine around the fish, a little olive oil and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper on top, and surround it with olives. It bakes for 20-25 minutes until the fish flakes, and that’s it. It was delicious, plus the wine made my house smell awesome while it was baking. I did go a little overboard on the olives, but I really really like olives. I won’t use as many next time because they are pretty filling especially when you use as many as I did; I couldn’t eat all the ones I had on my plate. I paired this with steamed broccoli and carrots, which went well, but you could use any vegetable or salad that you like. Click here for the recipe.


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