15 Minutes or Less

I think it would be an understatement to say that last week was busy for me. I had an event to go to every night of the week, including one that I was in charge of putting together. Plus, I had to do my best to study for the two tests that I took this afternoon and the one I have coming up on Wednesday. In light of my crazy schedule, I was only able to try one new recipe last week and I’m going to try to blog about it in less than 15 minutes, because I gotta get back to the books!

Chicken and Black Bean Burritos (turned Quesadillas)
I was so excited to try this recipe out, Cooking Light made the picture look so yummy. I was not disappointed either. This actually worked out great for my busy week too, I’m pretty sure the whole thing took less than fifteen minutes to pull together, aside from cooking the chicken. The recipe called for rotisserie chicken breast, but I already had a chicken breast at home so I just baked it and shredded it myself. Everything else just pretty much gets tossed together. The cumin and chili powder that you bring to a boil and simmer the chicken in, gives this meal great flavor. I really liked it! As you can see in my poor quality picture, they aren’t burritos like the recipe says. I already had some miniature tortillas at home so I figured I would just make little burritos. Wrapping chicken, salsa, black beans and cheese up in a mini tortilla is easier said than done, so I just put the filling in between two tortillas, cooked it in the skillet like the recipe said and ended up with quesadillas instead. It worked out really well, but I think I would suggest getting normal size tortillas and making burritos. I ended up having the leftover filling the next night for dinner, which was really good too. I just sprinkled some cheese on top and melted it in the microwave. So, once again, another quick, easy, and delicious recipe from Cooking Light. Click here for the recipe.

A Typical Lunch
I think I’ve mentioned on one of my home pages what I typically eat for lunch. A mixed baby green salad with canned tuna and Ken’s Steakhouse Northern Italian dressing. I never would have thought I would like plane tuna on top of a salad as a meal, but one day I just tried it out and I love it. I eat it almost everyday for lunch now. Trying new things out can be hard sometimes, but all it takes is one try to find out you like it. That’s what this whole healthy lifestyle change has been about for me, and so far it’s turned out pretty great.



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