Trying New Things

I tried a few more recipes this week, one of which wasn’t so successful. I like to try new things and I think it’s important to do so when you are trying to stay healthy. Many times people seem to start a new diet and lose interest because they think their food doesn’t have as much flavor as it did before they started the diet. So, I’ve continued to try new recipes every week that I receive through an email subscription through Cooking Light. While I love most of the recipes I’ve tried, there are always those that I don’t care for too much.

Shrimp and Arugula Salad
I especially love trying new things with salads so, I was really excited to try this one. I eat salad almost every day, but I’ve never really eaten arugula. Even though I was nervous about the arugula, the shrimp won me over and I decided to try it anyway. The cilantro, basil, white beans and pine nuts in this recipe all worked really well together. I also roasted my own red bell peppers, which was fun to try and exciting! Here’s the link to the recipe and a picture.

Portobello Cheeseburgers
I think this is the first recipe that I’ve tried that I’m not sure I’ll try again. I try to eat at least one vegetarian meal a week, instead of having something like chicken three nights in a row. I’ve had sandwiches with portobello mushrooms before and really enjoyed them, so I thought I would give one a try on my own. This was definitely easy to prepare, using roasted red peppers in a jar and sauteing the mushrooms in olive oil and garlic only takes a couple minutes. The only thing in this recipe that I hadn’t tried before was gorgonzola cheese. This was the fault in this sandwich for me. Turns out I don’t really like gorgonzola cheese. For those of you that do like gorgonzola this would probably be a great recipe for you to try. I do have a couple pointers that might make it better though. I wanted to try and be extra healthy, so I got whole wheat sandwich thins, which I really like for making sandwiches. However, with the juicy roasted red peppers and mushroom it made my bread soggy. I would definitely recommend using the larger sandwich rolls that the recipe calls for. Also, I found the mushroom to be a little too large for the sandwich, so I would recommend cutting it into slices and then sauteing it to make it a little more manageable. Let me know what you think if you try this one out, here’s the recipe.

I have a confession…
While I’m usually pretty good about sticking to my diet, sometimes it’s hard and sometimes you have to cheat a little. I happen to have cheated a lot this past weekend. My boyfriend, Michael, was in town and we kind of went out to eat almost every meal. We had sushi, mexican, brunch and chicken wings (for the Superbowl of course). Even though we ate out a lot, I still tried to watch my portion size and stop eating when I was full. It worked out pretty well, I wasn’t miserably stuffed after every meal like I used to be when I went out to eat. I still over ate though. Now that the weekend is over, all I want to do is work out and get back on track. It’s important to realize that when you start a diet and try to remain healthy, you can’t be perfect all the time. There are days that you won’t want to work out and days that you will want to eat fried chicken and french fries. The important thing is to let yourself have those days without going too far overboard and then get back on track the next day. Once you get used to being healthy and working out, you won’t even want to cheat for more than a couple days.


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